Obvious as it may sound, the selection and performance of your investments make a crucial impact on the ability of your portfolio to achieve the targets set for it. It naturally follows, then, that superior investment advice and the identification of the most appropriate investment products are of the utmost importance.

The Excon Fuji Securities professionals are at the core of this approach and it is their function to:

– Assess and select the most suitable assets and mutual funds

– Monitor and appraise both our own performance and those of the managers of the mutual funds/ETFs we recommend

– Measure the diversification and asset allocation of portfolios to ensure clients have the best protection against loss events

The scope of the various assets we use to achieve our clients’ objective is broad but this should not be misconstrued as signifying a lack of focus. It is precisely because of this versatility that we can offer the truly independent advice our clients need since, we would be of little use if we focused solely on, say, equities and commodities and ignored the benefits of investments such as exchange-traded funds and fixed income.

Past performance cannot be relied upon as a guarantee of future performance. We are unable to guarantee future investment performance, but strict adherence to our scrupulous selection and assessment processes has, time and again, served to enhance our client’s chances of securing superior, market-beating returns over the mid to longer term.