There are a number of ways to leverage Excon Fuji Securities investment prowess, each needing varying levels of participation from the client.


Discretionary Management

While some clients prefer to be very engaged in the investing process, others prefer to leave the minutiae to the qualified professional. This may be because of personal or business commitments that leave little time for the effective management of an investment portfolio.

With this service, you grant the portfolio manager the authority to make investment decisions on your behalf provided he/she only buys assets that comply with your risk tolerances.

If you prefer not be concerned with the day-to-day investment decisions, Excon Fuji Securities Discretionary Management Service may be the most suitable choice.

Discretionary Management features:

– Relief from the burden of making day-to-day investment decisions

– Guarantees that your portfolio will not contain any assets that exceed your risk tolerance

– Portfolio managers can take advantage of investment opportunities more quickly

– Regular updates and reviews to keep you apprised of your portfolio’s performance


Advisory Management

Excon Fuji Securities Advisory Management Service is designed for clients who, whilst not wanting to manage their portfolio themselves, still feel the need to have the final say in investment decisions. There are many similarities with the Discretionary Management Service. Like the Discretionary Service, we identify the same, professionally-researched investment ideas that comply fully with the client’s personal risk tolerances.

However, unlike the Discretionary Service where the portfolio manager simply acts on the opportunity, the client must provide the final authority on whether or not the prospective assets/investment can be bought or sold.

Our role is to advise them of what we feel are appropriate opportunities and, with their permission, execute the transactions. Of course, we still have ongoing responsibility for the portfolio but no transaction will be undertaken without their permission.

Advisory Management features:

– Enjoy involvement in day-to-day investment decisions

– Guarantees that only investments that comply with your risk tolerance will be presented to you

– Portfolio managers must seek your authorization before conducting any transactions on the portfolio

– Regular updates and reviews to keep you apprised of your portfolio’s performance


Monitoring & Portfolio Rebalancing

Once the asset allocation parameters on your portfolio have been established, it’s important to adhere to them because they are crucial to the achievement of your investment objectives. That said, over time, as the investment landscape changes, your asset allocation can become unbalanced. This may be because of economic, cyclical or geographical-related matters.

Our ongoing reviews and monitoring will typically identify these landscape shifts long before they begin to affect your portfolio and we’ll advise you accordingly.