Much of what Excon Fuji Securities does is silently and dependable underpinned by the technology we utilize to ensure that our operations run efficiently.

Recognizing this, Excon Fuji Securities invests considerable sums to maintaining and improving our key trading, analysis, and support systems. From the latest trading platforms and price feeds to the most accurate portfolio pricing software, Excon Fuji Securities leaves no stone unturned in our quest to improve the service we provide.

This notwithstanding, technology can never, truly, be expected to function as a viable substitute for an experienced professional. Without the highly specific and pertinent skills of strategists, advisers, analysts and portfolio managers, we would be unable to offer much more than a pigeon-holing service that dispenses inflexible solutions based on mathematical formulae.

Our key professionals come from a variety of backgrounds including investment banking, asset/wealth management, and research. All must satisfy criteria that focus on education, both academic and vocational.

We make a firm commitment to their ongoing development and encourage them to align their interests with those of our practice and by extension, those of our clients. The evidence of this commitment is the personal attention and high caliber of service those clients receive. It is also the main reason why most of our new private clients come to us through referral.