Entire industries have been transformed by mergers and acquisitions activity. Typically, they help to realize an opportunity to grow market share or create consolidation within an industry segment that has become overcrowded.

Despite the practicality of mergers and acquisitions, the undeniable truth is that most mergers, while not failing in action, often fail to create the value they were intended to.

Failure to plan and manage assimilation of disparate corporate cultures can see irrevocable damage to the reputations of both parties as well as their respective shareholder value.

Excon Fuji Securities is all too aware of the fact that mergers are more prone to failure as the result of flaws in the assimilation process, not because of inherent faults in the strategy.

In these matters, timeliness is of paramount importance. Lengthy periods between an announcement of the intention to merge with or acquire another corporation and actual completion of the transaction can utterly decimate both the perceived and the real value of the merger. Worst case scenarios can include an exodus of key employees, withdrawal of service by suppliers and a run on the company’s stock.

Excon Fuji Securities can ensure a positive reception by markets, help dispel any misgivings or concerns about a transaction’s viability and placate shareholders If any.

Excon Fuji Securities professionals have amassed 100 years of collective many years in mergers and acquisitions. We can implement the most rigorous of due diligence on prospective corporate targets, gauge appetite for the transaction among key shareholders, conduct simulations on the ease or otherwise of integrating disparate systems and processes while also identifying issues that could jeopardize timely conclusion of the transaction.