An initial public offering (“IPO”) demands meticulously-planned and highly-effective communication before, during and after the transaction. Excon Fuji Securities has enabled companies of varying dimensions successfully list them on publicly-traded equity markets.

From the preparation of the necessary filings with the appropriate securities regulators to the planning and implementation of the campaign to create awareness, generate interest and demand for the offering with investors and institutions, Excon Fuji Securities ensures the transition from private to public company status is smooth and efficient.

We are able to craft compelling narratives around the rationale for the IPO and we know what investors and others with a stake in the transaction need to hear.

Our time-honored and proven approach ensures that companies establish the correct corporate governance and reporting standards.

Excon Fuji Securities works closely with our clients in order to:

  1. Craft a transparent and effective investment proposal and a compelling rationale for the IPO
  2. Create IPO groundwork including plans for publicity and the measurement of investor appetite.
  3. Launch investor awareness campaign, including online content and infrastructure for dealing with inquiries
  4. Ensure that senior management and other key personnel on communications protocol and how to deal with media interest
  5. Organize events and meetings at which IPO appetite among institutional investors can be assessed
  6. Set foundations for initial earnings reports