As a leading regional investment manager, Excon Fuji Securities actively develops strategies that flexibly cater to the needs of our clients. All strategies are reinforced by our proprietary global research functions and qualified investment teams. Excon Fuji Securities analysts and portfolio managers collaborate across regions, industries and asset classes to select investment opportunities that our competitors often fail to identify.

Boasting a broad range of capabilities and access to stock, fixed income and commodities markets as well as highly-developed asset allocation experience, we are capable of meeting any investment objectives.

As an innovative, active investment and wealth management practice, we have honed our capabilities across an assortment of different asset classes to meet the diverse needs of our clients. By continually looking ahead and endeavoring to identify change before it occurs, we provide clients with solid, dependable strategies that perform well in contemporary markets.

Excon Fuji Securities can produce notable credentials across equities, fixed income, commodities and fund selection.

Our unashamedly active management style and our collective of committed and skilled equity investment professionals focus on generating the caliber of performance that today’s investors need. We are
highly-competent and accomplished stock pickers because we are prepared to go the extra mile to meet with the companies in which we are invested. This enables us to identify opportunities that the broader market may have missed.

Fixed income
Excon Fuji Securities offers a range of government and corporate bond investment strategies. Our fixed income team has close relationships with large bond houses including PIMCO and Janus Capital.