Excon Fuji Securities Corporate Services provides critical resources to companies needing to raise capital, list their stock on a public stock exchange or merge/acquire another company.

Our services embody the pinnacle of professionalism, integrity and experience. These attributes can only be acquired after hands-on, “in the trenches” real-world experience of delivering projects across a broad range of environments and corporate cultures.

Our clients find that this expertise is best utilized when our professionals are in contact with them on a daily basis.

Our professionals are endowed with tangible, “on the ground” experience which gives them an insight into people, processes and corporate culture which cannot be accurately replicated in the classroom.

A highly experienced Excon Fuji Securities project manager will coordinate the effort to work with you to help define the end result. Your own intimate knowledge of your business is combined with Excon Fuji Securities expertise in change management initiatives with a view to efficiently achieving the desired outcome.

As you would expect, we build a team that includes the most appropriate combination of experienced consultants and third party stakeholders to ensure efficiency.


Business Finance
Though the business funding landscape has improved since the dark days of the 2008 financial crisis, some companies still find their efforts to secure finance on favorable terms frustrated by inflexible criteria.

Today’s new paradigm has meant that, more so than ever, small and medium-sized enterprises are taking more aggressive measures to safeguard their working capital and corporate financing requirements. Excon Fuji Securities Consulting has and continues to empower companies to access the vital funding they need to finance expansion, acquisitions, mergers and cash flow whilst adhering to the core principles that have made our name synonymous with excellence in the marketplace.

Although business finance consultants can impart useful, pertinent advice on current lending difficulties, most CFOs will already be all too aware of the situation.Excon Fuji Securities Consulting does not seek to tell our clients what they already know – instead, we make every possible endeavor to address the problems in an efficient and targeted manner.

Excon Fuji Securities realizes that the application of catch-all financing evaluations are far less effective and, consequently, promotes the utilization of an individualized solution. This has the added benefit of ensuring that all financing facilities are effectively bespoke and specific to the individual company.

Personalized business finance assistance is not as easy to find as it once was and, in many cases, corporate financing advisors tend to be unwilling to levy a fixed commercial finance consulting charge when there is a fairly good chance that they will have to expend more time on the application. This is especially true when said charge is invariably less than the loan fees they can deduct from the advance.

Thankfully, Excon Fuji Securities Consulting is one of a limited number of corporate finance specialists that aims to actually support the small to medium-sized business. We have actually reduced our commercial loan fees and continue to advocate our fixed fee approach.

Excon Fuji Securities Consulting advocates the practice of always having a contingency plan for our clients. We aim to secure the required finance using the primary application but ensure that an alternative avenue is available should an application fail to come to fruition – what’s more, we provide this added safeguard at no extra cost.

All told, we believe that our expertise is indispensable in this climate. We can guide you through the presentation and preparation of your application and act as your advocate to both the mainstream commercial finance market as well as our own hand-picked funding sources.

Business Management
First and foremost, Excon Fuji Securities enables your key employees to continue doing what they do best – focusing on driving productivity and revenue generation – while we bring the experience of first-rate delivery on dozens of complex projects in as many client environments to bear on the real problems your organization faces.

Excon Fuji Securities deploys proven methodologies to help simplify inefficient operations and reduce costs. We create the environment to help improve performance, communications with suppliers and improve customer service.

Our professionals are well-versed in identifying areas that may pose a risk to your organization. These may take the form of the establishment of practices and controls designed to minimize financial or auditing lapses.

Excon Fuji Securities aims to be the business partner you are most able to trust when it comes to change management and keeping your company successful.