Over $5 trillion worth of transactions daily makes this the largest market on earth. Market participants include everyone and everything from global banks and hedge funds to individuals trading private accounts online through hundreds of thousands of brokers all over the world.

The main currencies like the US dollar, the Japanese yen, the euro and the British Pound tend to account for the overwhelming majority of foreign exchange trading but there are also countless exciting opportunities for profit among some of the more exotic currencies.

The forex markets tend to respond to fundamental news more than equity markets meaning that macroeconomic data like inflation, employment numbers and manufacturing estimates can have a more profound effect on one currency’s value against that of another than the technical analytical data that many equity traders tend to rely upon.

Large swings in value are common in minor currencies but less so among the key, so-called reserve currencies. Excon Fuji Securities offers managed foreign exchange trading for institutions and selected individual clients with above-average risk tolerance profiles.