What Excon Fuji Securities does as a firm has an impact on our communities. We are utterly dedicated to not only gauging and managing that impact but also to deploying resources to making a tangible and maintainable difference. We recognize that the sum of the talent and the vigor we possess can make a significant difference in assisting in the creation of the type of society we all want to live in.

We operate a community volunteering program that gives our employees 10 days each year to devote to volunteering for various causes or programs of their own choice. We’ve deliberately given employees the right to choose where their voluntary work is focused since we recognize that different causes will appeal to their own personal, individual passions.

We operate the Excon Fuji Securities Trust which offers discretionary bursaries and pledges to match donations to charitable causes. Recent beneficiaries include local elderly care programs and charities and in the fiscal year to June 2015, we donated 12.5 million yen to various programs and worthy causes.