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Excon Fuji Securities has committed to keeping our clients best interests at heart while demonstrating our knowledge and expertise within the capital markets.

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Wealth Management Services

The scope of the various assets we use to achieve our clients’ objective is broad but this should not be misconstrued as signifying a lack of focus. It is precisely because…

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Corporate Services

A highly experienced Excon Fuji Securities project manager will coordinate the effort to work with you to help define the end result. Your own intimate knowledge…

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Excon Fuji Securities Research

Our high level strategic advice and our recommendations are rooted in quality, in house research by seasoned professional with decades of collective experience in…


Excon Fuji Securities エクソン富士証券

Much of what Excon Fuji Securities does is silently and dependably underpinned by the technology we utilize to ensure that our operations run efficiently.

Recognizing this, Excon Fuji Securities invests considerable sums to maintaining and improving our key trading, analysis and support systems. From the latest trading platforms and price feeds to the most accurate portfolio pricing software, Excon Fuji Securities leaves no stone unturned in our quest to improve the service we provide.

As a leading regional investment manager, Excon Fuji Securities actively develops strategies that flexibly cater to the needs of our clients. All strategies are reinforced by our proprietary global research functions and qualified investment teams.

Excon Fuji Securities analysts and portfolio managers collaborate across regions, industries and asset classes to select investment opportunities that our competitors often fail to identify.

A highly experienced Excon Fuji Securities project manager will co-ordinate the effort to work with you to help define the end result. Your own intimate knowledge of your business is combined with Excon Fuji Securities expertise in management initiatives with a view to efficiently achieving the desired outcome.

Financial Advice

With a large range of markets and instruments, we provide an extensive reach that can provide the diversity our clients require.

Research Reports

Excon Fuji Securities has a wide range of market recommendations, each report is a product of a highly disciplined approach.

Customer Focused

Our client care means that we ensure to provide you with unparalleled client satisfaction, every step of the way.

Corporate Services

We act as your advocate to both commercial finance market as well as our own funding sources.

Billions of Assets Under Management

Active Clients

Members of Staff

Years of service

Financial Experts

At Excon Fuji Securities, we are driven to provide our clients a clear understanding of how we aim to meet their financial goals and what steps to take.

Our Philosophy

Excon Fuji Securities philosophy is woven through our employees to act with openness and transparency through every transaction, we wholeheartedly put your interests before ours to achieve your goals.

Fixed Commission

We provide a clear and transparent fee structure, its based on a fixed low rate commission structure per share or set percentage depending on the trade allotment. We absorb all fx and admin fees.


Since our inception, we have watched bull markets give way to bear markets and back again. The power and relevance of the analysis we conduct can be seen in the returns we generate for all clients – institutional and individual

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We are extremely particular about the types of investments we recommend to clients. This is because we understand that you're striving towards the achievement of important objectives and we want to provide you with the best chance of succeeding. Get some free advice by speaking to one of our financial advisers over the phone? Just submit your details and we’ll be in touch shortly. Our staff can help work out what's right for you !

We endeavor to identify those that meet our idea of quality investments. They should work well together in a sensibly diversified portfolio and their inclusion in an investment portfolio should be conducive to the outcome you want.